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Dear parents, dear students,

Boarding Schools offer some of the most amazing educational opportunities from well-known facts such as small class sizes, excellent academic standards and extracurricular activities. These tangible benefits will be even surpassed by the intangible facts of becoming mature, self-confident and well prepared for University life and beyond.

Over the many years of counselling families worldwide, we have always been assured of the following benefits of boarding schools:

  • Great tradition and ethos combined with modern teaching methods and facilities turn school life in an exciting experience
  • Motivated teachers who are passionate about their jobs want each pupil to grow personally and academically, a pupil never feels just like a number in class
  • Superb sports, arts and music departments result in a holistic education and thus pupils turn into happy young adults. 

It is cool to get involved, it is cool to be clever and help each other, it is cool to have aims - this inspiring environment will surely lead to a well-rounded and self-confident pupil.

Being away from home might not be easy in the beginning but leaving the nest and preparing for the future in a safe and comforting environment is certainly a very good foundation for adulthood.

May it be a school with a great tradition in sciences or being renowned for its superb sports facilities they all have in common to bring out the best in each and everyone. Some pupils might have outgrown their current school and seek for a new challenge, some others need some extra support. All our partner schools are as individual and special as each child is. We help you to make the right choice for your child.

Having seen so many pupils thrive and believe again in their talents has been our motivation for more than 35 years working in education. We simply love advising and guiding our families through the process of choosing the right school right to university admissions.

We are in constant contact with our partner schools and are regularly visiting them which helps provide expert educational planning and new solutions for your children’s school career abroad. Being familiar with the standards of quality, we can help you to distinguish what to look for and what to avoid. We are the first German Educational Consultancy working worldwide and yet maintain a personal and family-orientated service.

Contact us to see how we can be of help to you.

With best wishes,

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