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The best boarding schools in Germany:

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Boarding schools in Germany - A chance and a privilege

German boarding schools offer the best conditions for students to prepare for a successful future.
May it be a school with a great tradition in sciences or being renowned for its superb sports facilities, they all have in common to bring out the best in each and everyone. Some pupils might have outgrown their current school and seek for a new challenge, some others need some extra support. All our partner schools are as individual and special as each student is. We assist you in making the right choice for your child.

Over the many years of counselling families worldwide, we have always been assured of the following benefits of boarding schools:

  • Great tradition and ethos combined with modern teaching methods and facilities turn school life in an exciting experience
  • Motivated teachers who are passionate about their jobs want each pupil to grow personally and academically, a pupil never feels just like a number in class
  • Superb sports, arts and music departments result in a holistic education and thus pupils turn into happy young adults.



Boarding Schools in Germany - We support you in finding a boarding school that best suits your child's needs

There are various reasons for a child to join a boarding school. Some parents might want to have a better education for their child, an individual support or a targeted encouragement of his/her talents and interests.
The German market of boarding schools responds to those individual needs with an impressive diversity of academic and extracurricular offers. This will help your child not only to thrive academically but also personally in areas such as sports, art, music or social skills.

It has often been said that education is the best present you can give your child. The right choice of school can be one of the most important decisions you will make. Different schools suit different children and we have worked with parents for over 35 years in helping them make the right decision for their family. We hope that our experience and global expertise can help you in making this important choice. We can help you define an academic path for your child.

Development of Talents and Interests

Quite some elite German boarding schools put their focus on the support of special talents and interests, be it in the area of sports, art or music. Other boarding schools concentrate on highly gifted students or, by means of a support department, help students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia.


Amongst the specialisations of German boarding schools are:

  • Sports in general
  • Soccer
  • Horseback Riding
  • Music
  • MINT
  • ADHD
  • Able, Gifted and Talented Provision


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