Boarding Schools in Great Britain


Boarding Schools in Great Britain are as diverse as the country and it's culture. Studying in impressive buildings like Harry Potter or playing football on spacious green sites: Almost everything is possible.

Compared to the German school system, the English one offers students much more liberty to unfold their individual interests and talents. At the same time, some of the most prestigious Boarding schools of the world are located in this country. The schools not merely focus on an excellent academic education but also emphasize on character building and the development of soft skills.

Thus, spending some time in a British boarding school offers your child both the opportunity to improve English language skills as well as experiencing an unforgettable time in the UK.



“What are you passionate about? What does your heart really beat for?” These are often the first questions a British Headmaster will ask the applicants during an interview. The interest in the students’ talents and beliefs is authentic. The intensive pastoral care continues throughout the pupil’s stay. The British teachers closely observe the students’ individual development. They encourage and strengthen. They expect a high level of commitment and dedication from their pupils and at the same time, offer constant support to them. The personal tutor looks after and supports your child in all academic aspects. The housemaster and housemistress lovingly care for their students after school and in their spare time.
In order to not only thrive academically but also personally, british boarding schools offer a broad variety of leisure time activities and sports programs such as:

  • Hockey, Cricket and Lacrosse
  • Tennis and Golf
  • Football, Netball and Rugby
  • Swimming
  • Horseback Riding and Dancing


International students often talk about the warm welcome they received from their British boarding schools. They learn that school can be fun, make friends with their peers from all over the world and, as a pleasant side effect, easily improve their grasp of the English language.

Finding the right boarding school that suits your childs needs
Spending some time abroad is a big step for both student and parents and thus naturally connected with several decisions and insecurities. Not only are we in continous contact and exchange with the best boarding schools in Great Britain but through our long time experience also know about the questions occuring during the decision process of selecting the proper boarding school.

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