Boarding schools in Canada


Canada - boarding schools in the second largest state on earth

Discovering the breathtaking width of the prairie, skiing in the Rocky Mountains, surfing in Tofino, dog sledding in Yukon or discovering Algonquin Park while witnessing wolves, elks, beavers and bears. Canada is the place to be for everyone who's keen on outdoors and nature. Its high rank in the PISA survey shows that Canada can furthermore offer an excellent academic education. Thus, Canadian boarding schools provide the perfect balance between academic challenge and a stunning adventure.


The best of two worlds

Aside from a manifold nature, Canada offers a great combination of British tradition and American laissez-faire which can be found in both, the cultural everyday life and the education system. The Canadian private school sector is strongly based upon the values of British boarding schools providing an exciting alternative to Great Britain. For example school uniforms are worn in Canada same as in England. Academically, Canada is rather influenced by the US system and thus the country represents the best of both worlds.
A boarding school in the multicultural city of Toronto, in the French speaking province of Québec or on fascinating Vancouver Island in British Colombia - every student will find his place.




Another highlight of Canadian boarding schools is the variety of sports they offer, e.g.:
-ice hockey and skiing
-rowing and canoeing
-outdoor education
-Canadian football and basketball


Canadian boarding schools place a strong emphasis on values such as hospitality, fairness and responsability. The fantastic nature and the diversity of the academic programme will be a door opener to a whole new world for your child.

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