Boarding schools in New Zealand


Education in Aotearoa

New Zealand, known as "the land of the long white cloud" is not only a top travel destination but also offers outstanding possibilites for students to improve their English and get an insight into a culture famous for its welcoming nature.
The philosophy is based on "Learning for life". Hence, not only academics but also the development of personal skills such as self confidence, tolerance and problem solving play an important role.
As a country where no place is any further but 100 km away from the ocean, New Zealand is popular for surfing, sailing, kajaking or even dolphin swimming. At the same time the edcuation system is very similar to the British system known for its academic excellence all over the world.
Whether a taster for three months only or a long term stay up to graduation, New Zealand proves to be a hot spot for every student.


Studying on the southern hemisphere

Spending some time in a New Zealand boarding school is a big decision not only for students but also for parents. We support you in making your child's experience a memorable one. The safety of your child is important to us which is why we cooperate with an education agency led by a German director with the company being based in New Zealand.Thus, you have a direct contact person at your child's destination who will look after your son or daughter if needed.
Our partner will advise you on selecting a school, on the school system, on accomodation options (boarding or homestay) as well as on arrival and departure. Those interested in boarding schools should keep in mind that single sex education is very popular in New Zealand.

Aotearoa is more than just a student exchange: The "Kiwis" will welcome your child with open arms. The native language Maori is the tool to explore the culture of New Zealand.
Other languages provided by most boarding schools are:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin Chinese

Furthermore, students can immerse into rather exotic subjects such as web design, journalism, acting or sports such as fencing, diving or sailing.


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