Boarding schools in the United States


USA, land of opportunity

Stunning National Parks, white beaches, breathtaking waterfalls or endless deserts - USA has it all and much more. Who doesn't dream of visiting the presidents of Mount Rushmore, striding on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood or climbing the steps of the Statue of Liberty in New York City? Visiting a boarding school in the United States is an exciting adventure and at the same time an important move in your childs' academic career.


Getting to know daily routine on campus


Known as the biggest melting pot of the world, the United States stand for a fascinating culture with a strong focus on community. This sense of community is reflected in the friendly atmosphere of the boarding schools where international students are warmly welcomed.


Especially boarding schools on the East Coast focus on tradition and the nurturing of important values. Those who look for a more exotic environment will certainly find a suitable match with a boarding school on Hawaii, in California, Colorado or Florida.
Ivy League Universities such as Harvard and Stanford are very keen on recruiting the graduates of the top boarding schools of the US.



North American boarding schools stand for a traditional education based on important values and the teaching of soft skills. Especially in the area of sports, the schools provide exceptional facilities.
The following sports are amongst the most popular one's:

  • Basketball, American Football and Soccer
  • Lacrosse and Hockey
  • Skiing, Snowboarding and Icehockey
  • Athletics and Cheerleading
  • Surfing and many more


Additionally, many boarding schools offer an impressive artistic and musical programme. Photography, Film Production, Drama, Arts & Design, Dance and Musicals- the opportunities are endless. Students who throw themselves into most anything on offer will make friends easily. As North Americans are open-minded and supportive it is very common that international students are invited home by their peers to spend either weekend, thanksgiving or spring break at their place.


What can you expect from us?

We will support you in finding your way through the overwhelming number of American boarding schools by a bespoke consultation according to your child's academic and personal interests. It goes without saying that we will thoroughly prepare your childs' stay abroad with you. We will be the vital liaison between you and the school. This not only includes the arrangement of a skype-interview but also the preparation for entrance exams as well as the personal interview. Furthermore we will assist you with any concern that occurs during your childs stay at a boarding school. For many years we have worked with our schools on a close and trusting basis. Thanks to a constant contact and visits to the boarding schools, we are always up-to-date about changes or new developments at our partner schools.

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