Boarding schools in Switzerland


European Excellence combined with Swiss thoroughness

By offering a variety of international degrees and mostly a bilingual academic education, Switzerland reflects its multilingualism and cultural diversity in its school system. Students live and learn in a discrete and elitist environment. With their long-time boarding school tradition, Swiss boarding schools market themselves as a worldwide premium brand: The top-notch education and a highly professional sports and leisure time programme attract students from all over the world.

The following degrees are offered in Switzerland:

  • German Abitur
  • Swiss Matura
  • Maturitá Italiana
  • International Baccalaureate
  • British A-Levels
  • American High School Diploma

Life in a Swiss Boarding School

A very safe environment, students from up to 50 different nations and a stunning nature all around: Those are only some of the many advantages a Swiss boarding school can offer. In this unique atmosphere students thrive both socially and academically by gradually becoming an open-minded, self-confident and successful world citizen.
Hence, while students enjoy a diverse and entertaining environment with activities such as snowboarding, sailing, golf or freestyle climbing, their parents can be fully certain that the students are at all times well cared for.


With a huge alumni network and valuable contacts to leading enterprises worldwide, Swiss boarding schools are a door opener to a successful career for your child.

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